Victoza vs Saxenda

At the end of 2014 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Saxenda, a medication from Novo Nordisk that is now used to treat excessive weight. A few years previously the FDA approved Victoza diabetes medication which is prescribed to people with type 2 diabetes. Both Victoza and Saxenda contain the same active ingredient, liraglutide, whose action triggers insulin secretion inside a human body.

Despite the fact that liraglutide is the main ingredient in both of these drugs, they are intended to be used for different purposes. The reason why a person is prescribed Victoza: diabetes type 2 (it is not used to treat type 1 diabetes), Saxenda, on the other hand, is used only for the purpose of weight management. Both of these drugs, though, are to be used as an extra tool together with a low-calorie diet and regular exercise. Approved for the use in people whose body mass index is 27 or higher, Saxenda comes in a pre-filled pen with a maximum dose of 3 mg, which is different from the maximum Victoza dosing of 1.8 mg. Both Saxenda and Victoza medication are to be injected daily, at the same time of the day if possible.

During trials it has been revealed that using Victoza for weight loss is also an option. Patients have been known to lose some weight while undergoing the treatment with Victoza. A larger dosage of liraglutide that is contained in Saxenda, though, brings about a higher weight loss rate. One out of four patients that participated in trials of Saxenda lost 10% of their initial body weight.

The approval of Saxenda was complicated by the existence of Victoza diabetes medication and the fact that the two contain the same active ingredient. As the dose of liraglutide for weight loss is 3.0 mg, while the one for diabetes management is 1.8 mg, many people who suffer from diabetes would consider taking Saxenda as a Victoza alternative, thus managing their blood sugar levels as well as losing weight. Nevertheless, it should be underlined that Saxenda has been exclusively approved as a treatment for excessive weight and not as a medication for type 2 diabetes. Saxenda is not meant to be taken together with insulin or other GLP-1 agonists and it does not prevent diabetes.

In order to be sure that using these medications does not harm your health, it is extremely important to possess all the relevant information on both Victoza vs Saxenda: how exactly these medications are used, how their active ingredient (liraglutide) acts inside the body, what processes are triggered by this drug and what could the potential Saxenda and Victoza side effects be.

As sometimes the information contained in some Victoza reviews can be misleading, it should be pointed out that liraglutide is the active ingredient of such medications as Victoza, it is by no means a generic version of this drug. liraglutide is the generic name for Victoza, while a generic version of a medication is a completely different notion. None of Victoza generic versions have yet been approved, so be careful if you want to buy this drug.

How does Victoza work?
Due to the action of liraglutide that is contained in Victoza diabetes medication, the pancreas is stimulated to produce insulin. Another benefit of this medication is the fact that the food that a person has just consumed stays inside the stomach for a longer period of time, not exiting it too fast, thus prolonging the feeling of fullness. As food cravings are one of the main reasons of excessive weight, this action of liraglutide is highly important, making it possible to use Victoza for weight loss. In case you decide to use Victoza weight loss drug, but you also need to take insulin in order to control your blood sugar, consult your doctor on whether or not you can take both these medications. Their combination is possible in some cases, but it is safer if you speak to your healthcare provider first.

Saxenda, on the other hand, should not be used together with insulin or any other hormone of this type. As Saxenda dosing is considerably higher than Victoza dosing, so the combination of Saxenda 3.0 mg and insulin could result in severe hypoglycemia or other serious health problems.

Victoza vs Saxenda drug interactions do not differ as their active ingredient is the same. Both medications interact with a total number of 681 drugs. If you are currently taking any medications by mouth, their action could be affected by liraglutide. liraglutide can influence their absorption, their speed of action or even the way they work inside the body, that is why before you buy Victoza or Saxenda, make sure your doctor possesses a full list of medications you are taking at the moment, even if these are vitamins or herbal supplements.

Mixing Saxenda / Victoza and alcohol could lead to very dangerous consequences. Depending on the frequency with which a person drinks and quantity of alcohol, it can lead to either hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. It is known that blood sugar levels can be affected by alcohol if the patient suffers from diabetes, especially if their diabetes cannot be controlled. If a person’s diabetes can be kept under control and they consume alcohol moderately, then alcohol is not likely to affect their blood glucose levels. Whichever the case, it is advisable that a person refrains from consuming alcohol while they are taking liraglutide, especially if they have pancreatitis, neuropathy or high triglycerides.

Both Saxenda and Victoza side effects are similar due to the effects of liraglutide. If during the treatment with liraglutide, you notice any unusual symptoms that were not present before the start of the treatment, contact your doctor with no hesitation. The most frequently registered Saxenda and Victoza side effects are headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, appetite loss, pain in the bladder, pain or burning sensation during urination, back pain, sore throat, sweating, swelling of some parts of your body, tiredness, trouble sleeping.

Other side effects are also possible, so in order to prevent any serious damage to your health, seek urgent medical help if you feel that your general health state has worsened after the start of the treatment.